Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with something. Who should I contact?
Why should I use Moneyworld?
How does Moneyworld work?
What does “visiting my character” involve?
So what are these coins and cash rewards about?
More specifically, what are coins?
What’s the maximum amount of coins and cash I can earn?
What does the silver pot represent?
What does the gold vault on the top left of the screen represent?
What is the Orchard?
What is the Trivia tab?
What if I decide I want to change my character?
What are these 10 levels of Moneyworld you speak of?
How do I advance to the next level?
Is Moneyworld a bank?
If something happens to Moneyworld, is my money safe?
Does Moneyworld have anything to do with crypto or blockchain?
Does Moneyworld sell sensitive data?
Do I earn interest on my Moneyworld account?
How does Moneyworld earn money?
How does the weekly savings deposit work?
Can I change my weekly savings amount?
Can I make one-time deposits to my savings?
I want to close my account. What do I do?
Anything else you can tell me about Squigs? I'm intrigued.
What else can you tell me about Joony? I need to know more. Now.