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1. We fight convention.

Conventional models in financial services have left tens of millions of Americans behind (a 2017 FDIC survey showed 25% of US households are underbanked or unbanked) and new approaches are required. We challenge ourselves to think outside the box and strive to be surprising, welcoming, and refreshing.

2. We are inclusive.

We believe the financial system today is not inclusive. We challenge ourselves to think how to talk to people from all walks of life, especially those underserved by today’s financial system. This priority towards inclusivity begins with the team we recruit and continues in the brand we build and products we release.

3. We put the client’s interests first.

We strive to make every product and feature decision with the guiding light of: “Will this ultimately help the client improve their financial foundation?” If the answer is no, we scrap the feature.

4. Humor and nostalgia are core parts of our offering.

The complexity of the financial system creates walls that keep people out. By giving our clients small moments of delight and joy (and hopefully some laughs), we believe we can bring more people in, and bring down the bewilderment that stops people beginning on their financial journey.

5. Bring your opinions and passions.

We are trying something different in a financial system that has been the same for decades. No idea is too crazy to consider. Here, we welcome creative thought that defies norms and expectations. And we have the team that is brave enough to put these out into the world.

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